Dr. Michael G. Fine

Private practice began for Dr. Fine in August 1978 at the same location for the past 31 years at 1307 N. Highland Street, Arlington, Virginia 22201, in the Clarendon neighborhood of North Arlington, Virginia. The practice is located in a Colonial-style single family home which has been remodeled to function as a podiatric medical office. Dr. Fine is an active dues paying member of local, state and national podiatric medical associations. For the past 31 years, Dr. Fine has been an active member of Virginia Hospital Center’s Department of Orthotics Affiliated Podiatric Medical staff. He was honored to have been selected as a podiatric medial consultant for the highly acclaimed Wound Care Center in Virginia Hospital Center, opened in October 2007.

Dr. Fine converted his medical charts to a ONC compliant EMR system to qualify for the HITECH acts requirements for Medicare and Medicaid.