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Medical Records

Secure Digital Medical Records

Secure Digital Medical Records

ImageWorld has extensive experience in document scanning and conversion in the healthcare industry where Medical Records & Documents are highly sensitive and subject to stringent handling and accountability based on guidelines and acts of law at organizational and governmental levels. We support compliance with HIPAA, FACTA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and PCI DSS.

Our expertise in handling Medical records is extensive including our ability to recreate medical charts with physician shingles, pharmaceutical records, and color photographs all scanned to new Electronic Health Records or your Electronic Medical Records repository. After your conversion project is completed we insure that you keep up with your Electronic records by implementing the solution that best fits your organization whether that is on site capture with remote processing, or deploying a site specific solution for your organization to effectively carry on with paper scanning and processing. Our out sourcing department will provide trained and cleared qualified scanning technicians to support you in every step of the paper conversion process.

We reviewed current EMR software programs like the standards ChartLogic and eClinicalWorks and respect their products. But you can avoid a major cash investment in software and hardware by adopting a service provider model over the Internet. Very simply the Application Service Provider (ASP) allows you to use your web browser to access and function in an application that is hosted at the ASP location and not based on you operating and managing the application. Think of them as your geeks on the “net” that give you the product that you need without the payroll expense.

But what can you do to comply and not waste your money and avoid getting screwed? I found that solution in PracticeFusion, a completely free web based EMR program that allows you to get compliance without that major commitment of money. PracticeFusion also includes eprescribing free in the package! How can they afford to provide you with all this? They have an advertizing banner on the bottom of your computer screen that pays for the service. You can choose not to have the advertizing banner by paying a small fee for access per month if you like.

Practice Fusion addresses the complexities and critical needs of today’s healthcare environment by providing a revolutionary, web-based, Electronic Medical Records (EHR) application for physicians and patients. Practice Fusion’s free EHR system includes charting, scheduling, lab integrations, eprescribing, secure messaging, billing integrations and a free personal health record (PHR) for patients.

Practice Fusion guarantees that physicians using our EHR will qualify for Meaningful Use before HITECH payments begin January 2011. Any medical provider in the country can sign up for Practice Fusion’s system in five minutes online, with no cost and no downtime.

Practice Fusion is the fastest growing electronic medical records community in the country. Practice Fusion has more than 25,000 users in 50 states. For more information on Practice Fusion, please visit


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