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If you’re a Federal Contractor you are most assuredly aware of the Defense Contract Audit AgencyDCAA” the defense agency charged with auditing contracts with the department of defense to “ ensure taxpayer dollars are spent on fair and reasonable contract prices”. These audits can be daunting and very oppressive to the contractor’s staff. We have developed a simplified way to support that audit process. Our experienced team will come to your facility and convert all the audit able documents to searchable PDF format populating a library for the audit staff and auditors.

No simpler method exists for rapid compliance with audit requests than a web browser and an electronic document. This process creates a document set that is easily accessed by anyone with just a cursory knowledge of internet search techniques. Think of the goodwill you can gain by having all your supporting documentation in an easy to search document repository accessible by any major browser.

All this functionality is very affordable. With the work being performed on-site, security is not a concern. We leave all the data and the hard drives at your office. Nothing is moved from your facility.

We have secret cleared personnel to deploy rapidly at your location. Our portable scanners include a 40” WIDE FORMAT CONTEX that is known for its excellent capture of blueprint drawings.

We are UNIQUE in our ability to put a secret clearance team together with a 40” wide format scanner to convert your most sensitive blueprint documents to PDF, TIFF or many other formats at your site TODAY. Couple that with our portable Canon DR-9080C and Bell and Howell Spectrum scanners and we can process 100,000 to 200,000 images in a single day making short work of getting you into an electronic era demanded by all security stakeholders today.

Our quality control process is designed to ensure the most cost effective solution that provides you and the auditor with quick, stress free search and retrieval of critical supporting documents This allows your staff to rapidly comply with auditors request and return to the business of providing goods and services to the government customer.

We harness the power of desktop search to implement a ubiquitous system that all current office workers understand and can utilize immediately without expensive proprietary software and training. Many of our clients use Iron Mountain to store historical documents but when it comes to scanning they chose ImageWorld LLC. Call us to find out why.

One of the real life values we create is to scan and index past bids and awards creating a virtual contracting library. All those lessons you have learned from past proposals come alive in a library that is instantly available for research and retrieval for any pending proposal. With the ability to copy and paste from searchable PDF documents your routine tasks that took days are reduced to hours.

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