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  • Secret to Success:A Competitive Edge with Enterprise Content Management

    Why do companies try so hard to keep their business process automation improvements a secret? Automating business processes gives these firms a substantial competitive edge—enabling them to process transactions faster and more reliably, increase productivity, lower costs, get to market faster, serve customers better, and more. These companies don’t want their competitors to know how they have gained these advantages. The competitors, meanwhile, can be ...

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  • Automating Mortgage Processing with ECM Yields a Big Payoff

    Mortgage processing is a document-intensive process that benefits greatly from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) automation. Storing and routing documents in electronic form provides an order-of-magnitude greater efficiency, particularly when replacing processes that are based on the handling of paper and fax documents. The entire mortgage process can be streamlined through ECM automation, from loan application to approval, terms preparation, closing/signing, ongoing account management, and reassigning mortgages to ...

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  • Document Management Lessons from the Zombie Apocalypse

    Lately it seems as if we’re surrounded by zombies. I’m not speaking literally, of course (in spite of the fact that I may harbor some conspiracy theories about one or two of my neighbors). No, I’m talking about the onslaught of books, movies, and TV shows that are featuring hordes of the undead. Who (with the possible exception of the late Michael Jackson) could have foreseen this rise in popularity of the living dead? ...

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  • How long does a DVD or CD maintain data?

    The industry accepted shelf life for a CD is 100 years. DVDs are currently slightly less. Do remember that anytime prior to the expiration of the shelf life a new copy can be created and the shelf life clock begins anew.

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  • How do I know what files are on a DVD or CD?

    Labeling of the media will be agreed upon during the first phase of the five step process phase "defining requirements and parameters. The most common approaches are; if practical the DVD or CD will be labeled with the file names contained on it, if there are too many files to legibly label the media then it will be labeled with the major topic of the contents. Another option might be to build a cross reference ...

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