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Will I have to buy special software or hardware?

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No special software or hardware is required! Even if your project encompasses text search capability you can use tools such as Windows Explorer or the free Google Desktop Search to search for files by name or content. You may want to purchase other available software for greater functionality or ease of use. Indexing software such as X1 permits search and previewing files but this is a choice not a requirement.

Of course if your project requires a database system, for example images and indexes are contained within a database then you will need to own a copy of the database. These decisions and requirements will be defined in the first phase of the five step process, “defining requirements and parameters” so there will not be any surprises.

Note: ImageWorld does not endorse any particular software including those mentioned above. We will, at your request, make recommendations and possibly demonstrate software with which we directly or through other customers are experienced.

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