Unlock The Web

Think about it:  With paper you can read it, fax it, copy it or shred it.  Maybe you could take it and present it but that is for very few papers in your drawers. Every organization has paper assets that today have become far more valuable than ANYONE could have predicted just a few short years ago.

I recently had a meeting with a nationally know not-for-profit and wondered how much valuable information was locked in all those file cabinets.  I even went so far as to ask how many great landing pages could be created if we just unlocked the information in those cabinets!  We all have to look at business in a completely different fashion today.  When was the last time you picked up a phone book to find a vendor?  EXACTLY!  I have often said that we are in a generational transformation that will obsolete most of our former business mediums and by the time my children are in the workplace those companies that have not heeded the call to the net will no longer exist.

I remember replacing my railing on my deck a few years ago and I had to match a specific manufacture and get the right component parts.  I was shocked when I called the manufacture and found out their was no place on the web to order the parts!  I had to call the local dealer and place an order through them.  This was on a Friday before a long weekend and when I did call the dealer the salesperson had to check with the boss to see if they still carried that product So the Manufacture thought they were protecting a dealer.  They were protecting a dealer that had chosen not to do business with them anymore they just forgot to tell the manufacture. Then there was me, the customer, who would have had the parts in my hand on the following Tuesday if that manufacture would have had an e-Ordering site and protected themselves and their brand!

Long winded example of how every industry is at risk of becoming marginalized in the very near future.  It is your responsibility to make sure you stay in business and today that means being relevant on the World Wide Web.  Without that, watch your market and margins or membership become smaller and smaller and smaller.

What documents have your company published in the past that could become an eBook or downloaded PDF?  What document do you have that could become a great landing page driving business to your site that otherwise would have just passed you by?  Think about it! What can we do to increase traffic and drive business.

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