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What storage/media options do I have?

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The most common options are removable media (DVD, CD), or hard drive with removable media backup. Given the almost 600% greater storage capacity at a negligible price difference DVD is much more common than CD these days. A factor might be the age of your PC equipment, although most desktop and laptop PCs sold within the last 4 years are capable of reading DVDs.

Hard drive storage is very inexpensive today and the access times are much faster than removable media. Also, all of your documents can be put in one place so there is no searching for the right DVD or CD. Hard drive storage of your electronic documents also ensures that the data is backed up using your normal system backup processes. ImageWorld always recommends keeping a backup on removable media that is stored away from your primary business site.

Network or server based storage may also serve your needs particularly if multiple people need access to the information. In either case local hard drive or network based storage access to the information is controlled in the same manner as other sensitive information.

ImageWorld’s services can include putting the electronic documents on you equipment or providing equipment to be integrated into your systems.

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