Student Records

Student Records

Student Records Conversion

Physical Student Records to Digital Records

Educators have many reasons to convert Student Records Documents to electronic format / digital documents. They may be the most cost effective group based on retrieval needs over any other industry. Just the requirements of retrieving transcripts and forward them electronically easily outweighs the cost by any review. To be able to click a few mouse strokes and have the exact item requested in electronic format to mail, email or fax is a true time saver.

Year after year the same clients request us to archive a broad range of documents from tenant records for a major university to incident reports to grade transcripts for a local charter school.

When we engage in scanning student records we lower your operating costs while improving accuracy of the data captured and freeing your staff to focus on higher level priorities. It is estimated that 60% of an employees time is taken up with physical search and retrieval of paper documents. By converting your paper records you reduce this task to just a few keystrokes. When i might have taken 2 FTE positions for records compliance today with searchable PDF documents one part time person can easily handle routine daily records functions.

Our sophisticated software systems allow for extraction of key data from any document and will check the validity with any ODBC compliant database. This processing is secure and far more accurate than manual indexing. We can identify specific text on a page and use that unique piece of information to give you the specific information that creates value for you.

Our ability to create quality images in a production environment cannot be duplicated in an office environment with an employee that has many responsibilities throughout the day. DON”T TRY THIS AT HOME! We have seen this in many education environments and by simply missing the deskew switch in the capture software can very well render the entire effort unusable. This is where the professional service bureau comes in to create a product that is quality assured and guaranteed to perform for the desired results.

We promote an intelligent simplified approach to electronic document storage and retrieval. We electronically convert your physical filing system into electronic folders allowing global search and retrieval without complicated document management systems and the custom training that goes with them.

We have learned from our customers what they want and how they work. This approach is fool proof and intuitive. Call us to learn more.

Documents requested for electronic archival:

  • Personal Identification
  • Immunization Records
  • Birth Certificate
  • Doctors Notes
  • Driver’s License
  • Prescription and Health Information
  • Yearbooks
  • Notes & Correspondence to and from Parents & Guardians
  • School ID Card, Student Records, Report Card
  • Performance and Progress Reports
  • Military ID
  • Notes to Parents
  • Hospital Birth Record
  • Counselors’ Reports and Appraisals
  • Transcript Scanning
  • Other legal Document that establishes identity

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