Electronic Medical Records Companies Deliver User-Friendly Software Systems

Electronic Medical Records Companies Deliver User-Friendly Software Systems

Summary: Electronic medical records companies help healthcare industries improve their efficiency and performance levels by using advanced data conversion software. Get into compliance with the HITECH act today.

Press Release: While most industrial sectors have achieved a fair degree of success in computerizing information systems, the healthcare industry has not achieved the same degree of electronic excellence. The process is undoubtedly rampant in application in advanced countries but there is no uniformity of application, often leading to difficulty in using them.

The federal government has step in to incentivize healthcare professionals that receive Medicare or Medicaid payments to convert their paper records to electronic record keeping systems that will be usable across healthcare providers.

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) was signed into law on February 17, 2009 catapulting America’s health care system’s data into the world of technology at high speeds.  Our national health care system’s transition from paper cluttered file cabinets and stashed away storage boxes to more time, space, and ultimately financially efficient electronic health records (EHR) has begun.  The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced that January 3, 2011 is the registration kickoff for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program with the maximum incentive payments in 2011.  The DHHS also stated that Medicare eligible professionals, eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals (CAHs) who are not in compliance with the HITECH Act by 2015 will face a penalty payment adjustment in their Medicare reimbursement.    While the language and provisions of the HITECH Act are complex, finding a single point solution for compliance is simple-ImageWorld.

ImageWorld has teamed up with Practice Fusion to provide a single source solution to the HITECH challenge.  ImageWorld takes your physical records and imports them into the Practice Fusion Web-based EMR system instantly transporting your practice into cloud computing and in compliance with HITECH.  ImageWorld has handled over 50,000,000 medical records since 2002 and knows how important having access to your records is.  We insure that we have a four hour turnaround for a record request.

There are many other advantages of using document conversion facilities from ImageWorld. They help reduce paper storage requirements – a task that entails investment in space, staff and storage furniture. Access to information and their distribution is simplified to a considerable extent. The healthcare organization’s operational costs are reduced significantly in the long term. Another major advantage is that the chances of human errors creeping into the system are largely minimized and so are the chances of loss of valuable documents due to human error or a natural disaster.

Electronic medical record companies play an important role in helping facilities such as hospitals and clinics remain in compliance with new standards that are being developed for electronic medical records. By acknowledging the processes and standards that organizations currently use for their operations, they devise flexible systems that synchronize seamlessly with the existing processes. The primary objective of Image World is to create systems that meet the organizational demands of their clients precisely.

ImageWorld uses Kofax VRS technology for the conversion process. VRS technology  has the ability to adjust the image automatically resulting in a document that in some cases looks even better than the original. This becomes possible because image correction happens automatically during the scanning process, thus eliminating manual work. Accuracy of work is assured almost every time, mitigating the need to re-scan documents. Images are reproduced completely at all times without wastage.

ImageWorld prides its ability to deliver the best quality electronic documents securely and with a high degree of confidentiality. They utilize proven methods to ensure that the clients’ needs are met with the necessary degree of expertise.

Think about the saving and the usability of having your current patients imported into a modern EMR system for one low price.  No waiting for hardware and software. No waiting for the technical personnel to deploy a complex software system and then spend hours training your personnel on all the features that may or may not apply to your practice.  Our experts will have you up and running real time right now.

We, at ImageWorld, have extensive experience in scanning over 50,000,000 medical records since 2002.

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