Electronic Health Records Software – Enhancing Operations Effectively

Electronic Health Records Software – Enhancing Operations Effectively

Summary: Electronic health records software provides consolidated secure and reliable information about the patients to the decision makers in the clinic so that they can have easy access to every single detail of the patients’ healthcare data at any point in time.

Press Release: It is the endeavor of every healthcare service provider to enhance their operation systems using the best electronic health records software We, at ImageWorld, found a solution.  We have decided to join with Practice Fusion to offer an online, worry-free and financially FREE government certified EMR system.  This comprehensive program combined with a simple ad-supported marketing strategy solves so many of the downfalls of the server deployed model while passing along convenience and financial savings to you. The benefits of Practice Fusion are extensive since as the benefits of using the web to transfer technical compliance and security to a qualified firm add up to major saving in time, effort, equipment cost, training and maintenance are extensive.

IW’s Solution

ImageWorld is offering clients Practice Fusion to provide a single source solution to the HITECH challenge.  ImageWorld takes your physical records and imports them into the Practice Fusion Web-based EMR system, instantly transporting your practice into cloud computing and in compliance with HITECH.  ImageWorld has handled over 50,000,000 medical records since 2002 and knows how important having access to your chart is.  We insure that we have a four hour turnaround for any chart request.

The Practice Fusion EMR Application Service Provider provides the following benefits to your practice:

  1. Certified compliant software
  2. Security compliance with HITECH
  3. Security compliance with HIPAA
  4. No need to have a local server
  5. No need to manage local backups
  6. No need to purchase new desktop PC’s
  7. No need to employ additional technical support
  8. No upfront software costs
  9. Ease of use
  10. 99.9% uptime
  11. Service Level agreement
  12. Available anywhere you can get an internet connection
  13. Unlimited growth

ImageWorld is proud to be a certified consultant with Practice Fusion.  We are also a document scanning service bureau with almost a decade of experience and satisfied customers.   By merging the two specialties, our experts at ImageWorld have created a single point solution making HITECH compliance simple.  ImageWorld offers Complete Certified Document Conversion (CCDC).  What does this mean?  Our professional staff comes to your practice, picks up your records, scan and index those records and uploading them directly into Practice Fusion.   ImageWorld’s Complete Certified Document Conversion (CCDC) is accomplished at a lower cost than the compliance software alone from other vendors.

In just 2 weeks, our experts at ImageWorld will have your practice paper-free, compliant and on-line using Practice Fusion with your own records.  Our CCDC service is provided at the rate of $290 per file storage box of medical records (identified at 16”x12”x10” or your standard Staples file box).

By implementing a solution that best fits the character and operating systems of an organization, they help capture and deploy specific data conversion solutions for an organization. Trained technicians help the staff deal with the intricacies of the new operations till they gain enough expertise to manage the entire setup on their own.

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