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GSA schedule for document scanning

Government Agencies

GSA Contract HolderWhen a federal agency wanted to convert their paper records for grant request ImageWorld was there to develop an electronic system to mirror image what they already did when retrieving their documents manually. Those documents are now readily available with the click of a mouse to all personnel in the department without the tedious task of going to the file room and storage closet to gain access to the publication forms. This is just one of the many examples of how we provide real world solutions to some of the most basic and time wasting problems that all organizations face. Finding and retrieving records can cost an employee 60% of their time.

Our NAICS codes are:

  • 323115 – Digital Printing
  • 334612 – Prerecorded Compact Disk, Tape and Recording Reproduction
  • 518210 – Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services

ImageWorld is a GSA contract holder. Our Contract Number is GS-03F-0047W and the catalog can be accessed here.

Our most affordable schedule it available to all federal agencies, first responders, and many state agencies. Following information regarding GSA schedules can be found on GSA website

“GSA establishes long-term government-wide contracts with commercial firms to provide access to over 11 million commercial supplies (products) and services.”

“The Schedules Program was designed to provide discount resources to all GSA federal agencies worldwide, as well as state and local governments. Under this program, a contract holder can sell to any government agency with just one source, instead of having separate contracts with each agency.”

We have special pricing for BRAC realignment moves. Let us manage your paper and you manage your move.

We have the unique capabilities of being able to deploy blueprint size scanners on your site to capture your size D and E prints. Our document production scanners can capture color images right in your office at over 60,000 pages a day.

Some of the government projects we have worked on include:

  • Grant Programs for web deployment
  • Personnel records
  • Program documents for archivalHistorical documents for retrieval and deployment
  • Shop drawings / Blueprints

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