Foundations & Associations

Foundations & Associations

Our Not-For-Profit clients continue to come up with new and innovative ways to make their organizations relevant in today’s financially challenged world. We have scanned audit materials to save audit costs and audit support, then the same customer asked us to scan old convention photos for a web based marketing program to create a visual archive of past events and important members.

Our litigation trained staff has converted subpoenaed records for production in court cases providing an index of those documents for rapid retrieval. We have been brought in to reform how organizations interface with their corporate document set. We do this without selling and training of proprietary complex document management systems.

Think about your internal publications and the value locked inside those. We have successfully converted paper documents formally sold by snail mail, in book form, to web ordered downloaded PDF’s increasing the profit on each publication and providing real time customer centric downloads. No more waiting for snail mail to deliver the information. More importantly by posting that valuable information on the World Wide Web your organization becomes known as an expert in your field, the search engines find that knowledge and put it out for the whole world to see and become influenced by and interested in YOUR ORGANIZATION. Opening the knowledge to internet search engines increases your web presence and relative hits based on that information. What better way to increase your value to your current constituents and gain additional members.

Think of the promotional campaign you can deploy using past convention photos and meeting minutes. Getting people interested in membership is as much about providing them valuable knowledge as personal relationship. Having your information show up on the first page of a specific Google search creates that value to all potential members.

Let us show you how to create separate landing pages for your information that are tailored to boost your presence in the market by reaching out to those people that should be your members but don’t know the benefits membership in your association can bring. If you lock your information away with Iron Mountain, that document storage cannot provide you valuable exposure and create the message your Foundation or Association needs to survive.

Just a few examples of projects we have worked on for Foundations/Associations:

  • Past Board Minutes for web deployment Subpoenaed records for court production to multiple litigants
  • Convention documents and photographs for web retrieval
  • Plans / Specifications / Manuals / Brochures for web deployment
  • Audit materials to reduce audit costs
  • Student Records and report cards for archival
  • Tenant records for archival
  • Language book for web sale
  • Employee records / Employment manuals / Payroll Records
  • Membership rosters

Call us today to discuss all the ways we can be your idea team in making your Foundation the best that it can be.

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