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When Is The Right Time to Start Scanning Your Documents?

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This is a question that many businesses ask themselves and even more so in recent years, “When is the right time to start scanning their documents ?” It’s a very good question that has a very simple answer, “Right Now!”  You know you have been hearing thatGo Paperless you need to start digitizing your paper by scanning for years now. There won’t be a time when you are completely ready , so if that’s what your are waiting for then plan on waiting a long time! You just need to make it a priority and start. The misconception is that you have to do it all at once! That’s both untrue and unrealistic. Start somewhere manageable, but just start, you’ll thank me later!

Our paper problems don’t go away with time they actually grow with time and the bigger they get the more expensive they become! The reality is that eventually some authority is going to make you digitize and convert your paper to digital anyways, so may as well have control over it and plan it out now. The truth is that our digital document future has beset us and the majority of information, whether it’s private or public, is now expected to be available in digital formats. In most cases it is demanded by the consumer that they have digital access to their information, if not they will go elsewhere. If you mix those needs with the increasing governmental requirements for electronic documents like the Sarbanes-Oxley and HITECH laws and the growing push for ICE with employee records , it’s not a far out conclusion to draw that nearly all documentation will eventually required digitally.

go paperlessThe truth is we will never really get rid of ALL of our paper. Some processes are difficult to separate from paperwork so they would benefit from a hybrid paper/digital solution. The good news is that there are some very robust Document Management and Document Capture systems out there that can handle your complex business content in almost any form! Going paperless and going digital is a process that happens over a period of time , but it carries with it a big return on investment and much higher efficiency levels for your organization. For example if your spending thousands of dollars on shipping out documents to different locations then look for a distributed capture solution that can route your documents digitally. If your backed up on HR files then a departmental solution combined with e-forms would be a great fit , and the same goes for any department.

Read this blog post about The 5 Myths of Outsourced Scanning - it will give you a good picture of how it all works and some of the common misconceptions that you have probably heard before.

We all have paper in our organizations and some of us just have way too much of it! If your finally ready to start scanning some of it and looking for a Digital Solution , then Contact Us and let us help you find the perfect one!

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