Document scanning service based in Northern Virginia. We convert legal, medical, student, and general office documents into searchable electronic format (PDF).

How much do your services cost?

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While it may seem obvious – pricing depends on our costs! Generally, the more human intervention required the higher the price. The more we can automate tasks via software or hardware or in a single process lowers the price. Some of the factors include:

Scanning at your site or our operations center, its less expensive at our center,

Travel distance to your site and number of trips required,

Volume of documents – higher volume tends to be less expensive,

Type of documents – standard letter or legal size documents cost less than oversize drawings, i.e., blueprints,

Quality of documents – “Don’t bend, spindle, or mutilate”,

Number of fasteners – staples, paperclips, binder clips, spiral bound or book type backbones

ndexes fields required,

Output format – image files, PDF files, word processing files, database,

OCR requirements – while largely an automated process it requires resources and time,

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