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Corcoran College of Art + Design

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Past Experience/Performance Reference Information

How would you rate the Contractor’s quality of products or services in the following areas:
A. Compliance with contract or task requirement Outstanding
B. Timeliness of reports and documentations Outstanding
C. Completeness and accuracy of work Outstanding
How would you rate the Contractor’s technical performance in the following areas:
A. Responsiveness to technical review and direction Outstanding
B. Incorporation of changing or evolving requirements Outstanding
C. Appropriateness of Contractor personnel for project Outstanding
How would you rate Customer satisfaction with the Contractor in the following areas:
A. Adherence to work and schedule estimates Outstanding
B. Ability to work without guidance Outstanding
C. Early identification of problems/timely solutions Outstanding
Would you recommend this Contractor to another Contract? Yes
Do you have any additional comments relates to Contractor’s performance on this contract?

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