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Company Profile – Document Management

ImageWorld has developed comprehensive systems for recording custody of all documents. We have taken custody of over 68,000,000 pages for document management / document scanning and have not lost track of even one page. In many cases the records are returned in better shape than when we obtained them.

All media is inspected for errors before being released. All imaging and indexing is quality checked. All blank images are erased. All images are despeckled, de-skewed and rotated appropriately and rescanned as necessary.
ImageWorld has extensive experience in document scanning and conversion in the health care industry where documents are highly sensitive and subject to stringent handling and accountability based on guidelines and acts of law at organizational and governmental levels.

ImageWorld has available a number of Kodak, Canon  and Fujitsu scanners capable of scanning monochrome or color at speeds of 18 to 300 pages per minute and resolution up to 600 DPI. Scanning speed is dependent upon scanner model, resolution and color requirements. Document preparation prior to scanning is largely a function of the state of the documents to be scanned. Documents lending themselves to the OCR process can often be batch identified and/or named based upon specific terms within the form and/or recognition of the form itself based on its format.

Image processing and conversion would be accomplished on ImageWorld’s servers and over 25 Terabytes of Raid Array storage all connected via a private gigabit Ethernet network.

Protection of sensitive data is key to the process. All IW employees undergo criminal background checks. Documents and resultant data are accounted for from the time we take custody until the documents and resultant data are returned to the source. Documents and electronic media are continually under direct physical supervision of a responsible IW employee or securely under lock and key. Any and every change of custody is documented.

Document boundary preparation will be accomplished through a combination of manual and machine manipulation. Manual handling might include removing documents from boxes or file folders or binders. If required batch separation and identification sheets are created if this information cannot be electronically extracted from the documents. Machines are used to orient the documents prior to actual feed to scanners. Documents are then returned to their source state.

All IW personnel will be citizens of the United States or legally able to work in the United States.

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