Common Sense

Common Sense

When meeting clients for the first time the client often does not have a clear idea of how to create value out of the file drawers of paper they have accumulated. But they all know that they are drowning in a sea of unmanageable paper.

We see this often and have specific recommendations to make your electronic documents easy to find easy to understand and infinitely more user friendly than the paper they came from.

Let me give you some numbers so you can estimate how many documents you really have. Every file storage box (15x12x8) holds approximately 2500 documents or sheets. If you have lateral file drawers or letter size that are about 30” wide or deep then every two drawers are about 5 boxes of paper. Two drawers are about 12,500 pages. For a four drawer cabinet you will have about 25,000 pages. Count your file cabinets and see what your document universe truly is.

If you have up to 250,000 documents we recommend a very simple electronic filing system where we mirror you physical filing system in an electronic folders. If you have AP files we make and AP directory. If you file by year we then build the system by year first then by subject.

Once you get a document set over 250,000 you might want to look into some sort of repository like SharePoint. Now we recommend trying the free version first then assessing your need for any of the paid versions. We have customers that manage over 1,000,000 documents without any additional software other than a simple folder schema. Look at the right and you can see that in seconds you can get to your documents by year and by department. Everyone understands this type of management and their is no training on a new complex document management system. This client knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted to find the documents. Clear concise management allows any new employees to contribute right away without waiting for training.

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