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How can I determine whether to buy my own scanner or pay for the service?

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Why outsource anything? Usually to save money, cost of equipment, software, employee time, training, expertise. The two elements most often underestimated are the amount of time and the quality of the end product. The questions to be answered are;

How many pages per day/week/month do you need to scan?

What retrieval requirements do you have for the resultant electronic documents?

Do you need to index the documents?

Do you have an employee with free time to perform the tasks? How much are you paying them?

Do you have the software to scan, deskew, despeckle, and otherwise improve image while scanning?

Do you have the software or people time to index the electronic documents?

Does your employee understand PDF files and how to index them?

How fast is your scanner?

The list goes on…….

Call us for an evaluation. With some of our clients we have started the process for them by scanning the backlog then showing them how to continue the process with their own resources. Others have chosen to lease a scanner and/or have us provide the manpower on a weekly or monthly basis. A few hours per month often meets all their requirements.

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