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ImageWorld has Technology Availability of a vast number of Kodak, Fujitsu, Canon,  and Xerox scanners capable of scanning monochrome or color at speeds of 180 to 300 pages per minute and resolution up to 600 DPI. Scanning speed is dependent upon scanner model, resolution and color requirements. Document preparation prior to scanning is largely a function of the state of the documents to be scanned. Documents lending themselves to the OCR process can often be batch identified and/or named based upon specific terms within the form and/or recognition of the form itself based on its format. Image processing and conversion would be accomplished on ImageWorld’s servers all connected via a private secured gigabit Ethernet network. Why should you care about our equipment you might ask? Our ability to bring different equipment to bare on different projects gives us the ability to complete any type project that a customer might request. When another vendor reneged on a contract for a national institute citing the complexity of the preparation. We were able to take over that project and deploy other equipment to rapidly complete the project under a firm fixed price. Without the breath of our equipment we could not have taken on another failure and been successful. You are interested in:

Converting your paper to digital documents and getting the project completed on time and on budget.

THAT IS WHAT WE DELIVER even if someone else screwed it up the first time! We will fix it. DO IT RIGHT DO IT ONCE!

Kodak Perfect Page Image Processing Technology

Perfect Page Scanning is a suite of image processing Technology that maximizes the quality of digital images, and it‘s only available in Kodak scanners.

Even when your document is less than perfect, Perfect Page corrects for color, brightness, contrast, readability, orientation and background so your scanned images may actually look better than the original.

We also utilize Kofax VRS Technology on all compatible scanners. Kofax VRS and Kofax Adrenaline hardware provide State of the Art Technology to a vast array of scanners that actually prefects the image of the document to better than original by cleaning up skew, shading, character smoothing e.t.c.

Why should you care how we do our job?

Because it is the one process that can be done right once or you can pay for it again and again. Many companies have scanned documents at 200 DPI and found that the result was not usable for today’s applications. Insure the usability and findability of your knowledge. Have ImageWorld LLC scan your documents at 300dpi with Kodak or Kofax VRS tools to make your project Survive Technological Changes over the years. Don’t make the mistake of buying yesterdays tech today.

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