Facility Security

adt_logoFacility Security

ImageWorld’s facility is secure and safe with ADT security system monitoring all internal movements as well as security points at all door openings. ADT’s system is structured as a 2 phase system allowing activity in one location while monitoring and penetrations at the other. Web cams are installed in the main operations facility allowing video streaming of all activities in the operations center.

ImageWorld maintains 24 hour manned attendance on site. All pickup and deliveries are done by ImageWorld employees and no day laborers are employed. Our delivery truck is a marked one ton van ensuring that your documents will arrive free from the elements and affording up to 75 boxes of documents to be transported in one delivery run. If a larger order is needed to be processed ImageWorld rents 2 and 5 ton trucks for those orders. While on a delivery all ImageWorld employees are badged and identified to the customers personnel.

All boxes are inventoried and barcoded for tracking and retrieval. Project status is available online with our scheduling programs reports published in HTML. Projects reports are updated weekly.


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