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ImageWorld, LLC, a minority woman owned business

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ImageWorld, LLC, a minority woman owned business, was formed in 2001 to meet the Document Management needs of health care providers. Since then, we have branched out to many areas of industry including financial and educational institutions. Our operation center and administrative offices are located in Washington DC area with the ability to deploy several mobile work stations as needed.

Document Management by ImageWorld

ImageWorld Story

We at ImageWorld have developed processes, procedures and techniques that allow for comprehensive collection, preparation, and imaging of digital documents while maintaining information security and document integrity. We pride ourselves on utilizing proven methods with the flexibility to adapt our procedures to each client and differing facilities within a client’s portfolio of operations. Our staff understands that although our work must be done quickly and accurately, that while they are on site the care of our clients and their clients in that facility takes precedence over our questions and needs.

ImageWorld staff has developed comprehensive systems for recording custody of all documents. We have taken custody of over 48,000,000 pages of documents and have not lost track of even one page. In many cases the records and digital documents are returned in better shape than when we obtained them.

OUR CHALLENGE TO THE COMPETITION: Customers give us a sample box to scan and one to the competition and then compare the output.  You would think that the process and output would be the same but IT IS NOT.  We have Perfected Quality Images that are perfect for web posting, OCR and search / retrieval.

Our experience includes the management and completion of document pulls and imaging our largest client consisted of over 65 sites in seven states during an 18 month period. For the client we activated up to nine mobile stations, performing document preparation and imaging at customer locations simultaneously under close supervision.

We at ImageWorld can provide your organization with the document management services to:

  1. reduce paper storage requirements by converting to digital documents
  2. have easy access and distribution of your information
  3. save your organization’s operational cost over the long run
  4. eliminate loss of valuable documents due to human error, natural disaster, etc.
  5. be in compliance with the new standards that are being developed for EMR.

Anyone with $200 and a PC can go into the scanning business but how do you know what you are paying for?  Are they a professional service bureau? What type of quality controls do they use for output images and digital documents?  Do they use any advanced image correction software or hardware? Do they guarantee the work they do? These are a few questions you might want to consider while choosing the right company to do the job.

Flexible Document Scanning Methodology by ImageWorld

ImageWorld recognizes that you have your own processes and standards for conducting your business. Part of our standard process is to work with you to ensure we understand and adapt your process so that your needs are met. Defining and adjusting early in the process guarantees your paper conversion needs are met without sacrificing quality, accuracy, and particularly security.

Initial planning and project definition sessions make sure the project is finished on time and within budget! With years of experience, we can ensure that we understand your needs and can establish clear goals and deliver on those goals. Our mission is always to make sure that we cause none to minimal disruption to your business operations during the document conversion process.

Why do all our scanners run Kofax VRS.  Because VRS automatically adjust the image to give you a better scanned product than the original in many cases.

Kofax VRS does:

  • Image correction is done automatically during the scanning process, so manual work is eliminated.
  • All of the information in the original is reproduced without wasting anything, meaning that images can be completely reproduced, a feat not possible with manual correction.
  • Input can be done without worrying about the size or type of original.
  • There is no need to go back and rescan documents or start over by extracting or separating originals that caused bad images.
  • Automatic document rotation so now matter how the document went in to the scanner it comes out right side up.  This eliminates manual rotation for the OCR process providing a much greater confidence percentage in characters read.  Why should you care about all this detail.  Because when you look for a check from BofA you will be able to find all the occurrences of Bank of America.  If the check was scanned sideways the recognition engine won’t see it as a BofA check.
  • Professional service bureaus use Kofax for their digital documents. Ask your provider if they do?



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