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Past Performance Questionnaire

Responsiveness: Promptness,reaction top requirements Excellent
Timeliness: Timeliness of Contractor’s performance/adherence to schedule/report submittals Excellent
Resource availability: adequate personnel, training, equipment, and supplies/materials
a. Contractor’s personnel were trained and possessed necessary expertise Excellent
b. Adequacy of on-ate supervision Excellent
c. Adequacy of staff availability to meet needs Excellent
Business Practices-assessment of satisfactory working relationships
a. working relationship with the contracting and technical representatives Excellent
b. Management of subcontracts Excellent
Consistency and quality of Service
a. Contractor compliance with work statement Excellent
b. attention to detail Excellent
c. Overall quality of service provided Excellent
Customer Satisfaction
a. Overall Customer satisfaction: Excellent
b. Recommend doing business with the contractor: Yes
Has the contractor been given any negative letters, i.e., cure notice, show cause, suspension of payments, terminations? No
Overall rating Excellent

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